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Welcome to Tablet.Menu

The restaurant owners’ best friend.

Tablet.Menu is a free site which allows you to replace the printed menus from your restaurant with tablets.

Save money in prints and give your establishment a modern and elegant image.

We are entering the age of tablets and you can be a pioneer. Tablets are becoming more affordable every day and are now within reach of your business.

Tablet.Menu works on any tablet with an internet browser. The menu display adapts to fit all screen sizes: 7, 8 or 10 inches.

Surprise your customers and optimize the operation of your business.

If you receive tourists in your establishment, Tablet.Menu allows you to have your menu in all languages you need.

Take the orders at the table with the tablets and receive them directly in the kitchen instantly and classified by order of arrival.

You can take photos of the dishes with your device and add them to the menu.

New: Use the signage feature for your big screen!

Tablet.Menu is a simple, easy and intuitive application.

Watch the demo now and subscribe, it's free!



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You will need a WIFI Internet connection at your restaurant and enough tablets to meet the demand of your tables.

Additionally, you can have a tablet in the kitchen to receive orders and another one at the register for billing.

Any brand of Tablet, any operating system and any screen size will work. Choose the one that best fits your budget.

Anyway, we advise you try out the application before you buy them.

Tablet.Menu works with any browser. However, to improve your customer's experience we recommend you use a browser with the "Full screen" feature:

On Chrome for Android, choose option "Add to homescreen"

On Safari for iOS, choose option "Add to Home Screen"

Other alternatives :

For Apple IPad

For Android

(You have to install an additonal plug-in).

New: Download the Android App from Google Play

How to use Tablet.Menu

Follow these simple steps to begin to use the application:


1. Sign up

You need to enter the basic information to customize your menu.

You must also enter a numeric code (pin) which will enable the access to the configuration. Share this pin with your waiters so they can change the table number on the Tablet.

2. Create the tabs for your menu

The tabs will serve to organize the menu into categories.

You can have up to two levels of tabs, see the demo for an example.

Each tab corresponds to a language. If you are using more than one language you must create the corresponding tab in each language. For example: Desayuno in Spanish and Breakfast in English.

3. Create the dishes for your menu

Each dish appears in a tab. You must choose the tab that corresponds to the language of the dish.

When adding a dish to the menu, you can take a photo with the tablet or import an existing photo.

Enter a brief title, and a more detailed description.

Using Tablet.Menu in your establishment

1. When your guests sit at the table, the waiter must grab a Tablet, change the table number, verify that there are no previous orders and give the tablet to the customer. You can configure more than one tablet with the same table number without a problem.

2. The customer makes his selection and press the "Order" button. The dish will automatically appear in the "My Order" tab.

3. The order will also appear in the section "Manage Orders" of the application. The kitchen staff can begin to work on the dishes instantly.

4. The cashiers can also use this section for billing.

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